What's A "Priest In The Wild"?

Why are you called "a priest in the wild" or a "roving pastor"? What do you do?

In practical terms, I "get out of the Christian bubble", meet people and try to connect them with things that might interest or benefit them. I try to keep a pulse on what's happening around the city and create opportunities for community-building and spiritual growth. I go out into the community and neighborhood in order to meet people where they are instead of expecting them to show up to a church building. My supporting church body has released me from administration of an existing institution in order to allow us to reinvent what it means to be Christian and to do church. Sometimes what the church needs is a roving priestly presence to "fill in the cracks" of what's not already covered by existing ministries, especially with those on the margins of society. Savannah has plenty of Churches, it's true, but I think Savannah needs more people acting like Jesus. I'm community-building/church planting. But in another sense, I'm just trying to encourage Christlikeness in community. All of this is geared toward building a holistic community that works to "restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ" as we "pray and worship, proclaim the Gospel, and promote justice, peace, and love."

I’m trying to be the best that I can be, in community: an Episcopal priest and a nerd using roller derby in order to seem more cool and to have cool people to be around. I'm a human being with flaws, yet one with a spirituality that has helped me find purpose, joy and a lot to ponder.

I run Columba House Savannah, a residential internship house and intentional community focused on helping young leaders live with profound spiritual depth in both intentional community and in civic life.

Additionally, I am looking for church-avoidant people with whom to connect and from whom to learn. I am looking for companions on this road of life, trying to be who I am, wherever I am. That's all I ask of anyone else.

I teach, preach, celebrate Communion, and do other things around town. I conspire with Emergent Savannah, a collective of individuals who desire to build and foster a beloved community in our city and I'm a disciple of Coco Papy. I am also involved with Citizens Advocacy under the leadership of Tom Kohler, another great community-builder in Savannah. I play women’s roller derby as a way to connect with other young women and stay sane. Along with my spouse (who serves as the Priest-In-Charge at St. Matthew’s, Savannah), I was ordained to the priesthood in May 2016 at Christ Church.

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